March 28th, 2015 - Port Douglas, Australia - Day 224

We have been running earlier in the morning to avoid the oppressive heat in the afternoon

After our wonderful day out at the reef we all needed another day in the house.  Today was very mellow and just what the doctor ordered.  Stacie and I had a nice run early in the morning on the beach and Peter went for one a little later in the day.  

We had a tiny bit of adventure today as Stacie had to go to the medical clinic because she could not hear out of her right ear after the day out on the reef.  We went in after breakfast and she was able to get into see the doc after about an hour wait.  He cleared out her blockage easily and told her it is the most common thing he sees from tourists.  He believes it has something to do with the humidity and the warm water.  She felt better immediately and it was nice to have that resolved before we went to get on a plane in a couple of days.  

We finally nailed down the remainder of our trip and I booked the last of our flights today.  It is so nice to have our dates locked in place.  We still have a little bit of planning to do with regards to what we are doing in each location, but just having the dates and flights nailed down is incredibly helpful.  Here is the schedule for the remainder of the trip:

                                             Arrival    Departure
Port Douglas, Australia    3/11/2015    3/30/2015
Tokyo, Japan                    3/30/2015    4/4/2015
Kyoto, Japan                    4/4/2015    4/16/2015
Hanoi, Vietnam                 4/16/2015    4/17/2015
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam     4/17/2015    4/19/2015
Hoi An, Vietnam               4/19/2015    4/24/2015
Ko Lanta, Thailand           4/24/2015    5/8/2015
Phnom Pen, Cambodia    5/8/2015    5/13/2015
Siem Reap, Cambodia     5/13/2015    5/15/2015
Bangkok, Thailand           5/15/2015    5/16/2015
Pokhara, Nepal                5/16/2015    5/18/2015
Nepal Trek                       5/18/2015    5/25/2015
Pokhara, Nepal                5/25/2015    5/26/2015
Kathmandu, Nepal          5/26/2015    5/27/2015
Overnight - Boise            5/27/2015    5/28/2015

It still amazes me how much time we have had to put into trip planning while we have been on the trip.  There is a big difference between throwing on a backpack as a 22 year old right out of college and traveling as a family.  Both are incredible experiences, but not knowing where you are going to sleep tomorrow is fun when you are 22, it's not so fun when you are in your 40s with teenagers.  Regardless we are nearly done with the planning and the rest is just enjoying.