April 20th, 2015 - Hoi An, Vietnam - Day 249

Peter's POV 

Our house in Vietnam

Today was our first full day in Hoi An. I woke up and found a note from my parents saying that they went out for a walk. We got in at about 9 at night yesterday and didn't have a chance to get any breakfast supplies, but we were told that the house keeper would bring by some bread, eggs, and fruit for breakfast so all I had to do was wait for her. After about an hour she arrived with and started making me my breakfast. It was delicious, after about 20 minutes Lea woke up and she ate breakfast as well. About an hour later my parents showed up on a motor scooter!

Sweet Rides!

After they made their breakfast we all got ready to head into town to start looking for clothes. Hoi An is know their inexpensive custom tailors. While me and my sister were getting ready my mom and dad went to get another motor scooter (which you can rent for 5 dollars a day). When they got back we hopped on and drove to town. Once we found a parking spot we got off and started to look for some of the recommended taylor shops. When you walk around Hoi An the tourists stick out like sore thumbs. Everyone is telling you to come into their shops to buy something. You can really tell which shops are the good shops and which are the bad.   Here are some pictures of the town:

After about 45 minutes of exploring the town, we found a leather store and my mom started the process of getting a tablet cover for her drawing pad. After we left the leather store we found one of the best taylor's in town, Yaly. My mom was very excited about the opportunity to get custom clothes and had a list of things that she wanted to get. After about twenty minutes of looking through catalogs, everyone found something except for Lea. I found a pair of shorts, my dad found a pair of pants, and my mom found a pair of pants, a skirt, and a shirt. 

While we were waiting for the measurements to be complete a nice lady came up and asked if Lea wanted her nails done.  She said it would be $4 so Lea went for it.  After getting all of the measurements and Lea getting a manicure and a pedicure we headed off to lunch. We ate at Morning Glory, and it was delicious. Lea and my dad got some shrimp in coconut, literally it was in a coconut. I got a Hoi An sandwich and my mom got a mango salad.

Morning Glory - Amazing Food!

When we left the lunch place we were all hot and tired. On our way home we stopped by a lady's stand and grabbed what we thought were limes but they turned out to be oranges. Luckily we found out that they were oranges before we bought them. We grabbed our limes and drove our motor scoters home. 

When we got home it was super hot so me and my mom hopped into the pool while my dad and sister did math. When we got out my mom and sister did some science while I relaxed. Being done with school has some major perks! Around 7 we ate. One of the things that we could do at this house was pay the house keeper to make us some food. We ordered way to much food, but it was delicious.   When we were stuffed you could barely tell that we had eaten any. After dinner we played a game of Euchre and went to be after a long first day in Hoi An.