April 21st, 2015 - Hoi An, Vietnam - Day 250

Peter's POV

Today I woke up to my moms knock on the door of my room telling me that breakfast is ready. The breakfast's that we have been having have been amazing, fresh fruit, eggs and bread with some orange juice. After breakfast we all did our own things until 10:45 when we went into town to try on our new clothes. After waiting for a little bit in a waiting room, we got a glimpse of our clothes.

The waiting room

My parents liked there clothes but I thought that mine were just okay. After making a couple of changes we left to go and get some lunch at our house. 

When we got there we heated up our dinner from last night and ate a great lunch. When we were done for lunch we relaxed for a while. Around 3 we left to get my moms tablet case and try on our clothes again. When we got to the leather shop we were relieved to find that my mom's case worked perfectly and was beautiful - all for $30. After the leather shop we went back to the taylor shop and tried on our clothes again. I finished mine but my parents still needed some things done to there clothes. After we left the taylor we drove to our house to drop off some things and headed to the beach where we were going to meet the Chicago family that we met on the boat. After about 15 minutes of driving we pulled in to what we thought was the beach but it turned out to be a different beach and we felt a little lost.

We found the beach about 5 minutes later, getting there was easer said than done, my dad and I almost wiped out on our scooter in the sand, but we saved it just in time. When we got to the beach we immediately found our friends.

An Bang Beach

When we got to the beach Lea and I went into the water with Tommy and C.C. while my mom and dad talked with Monique. After we got out of the water we had a nice dinner at a restaurant on the beach called White Sails.  We had so much fun with them, CC and Tommy kept us laughing the whole time.  Even though they were much younger than us, it was nice to be with kids again.

About half way through our meal a bunch of lightning lit up the sky. After about 30 minutes of on and off lightning we decided to call it before we had to ride our scooter in the rain. We said goodbye and drove home. When we got home we decided to play a game of Euchre before bed. After Lea and my dad pulling off another win we decided to call it a night and go to bed after another great day in Hoi An.