April 23rd, 2015 - Hoi An, Vietnam - Day 252

Big Pete's POV

Today is our final day in Vietnam and therefore a little bit of reflection is in order.  To be honest when we first arrived in Hoi An we were a little underwhelmed.  Our house was out in the middle of an agricultural area which was very dilapidated, and the town itself appeared quite run down.  However, over our short stay here we have had a transformation and are leaving Hoi An loving the people, the food and even the town.  Our experience here has been wonderful and we all agreed at dinner that we would come back to explore more of the country.  It is certainly a country undergoing massive change and growth, but at is core you will find very warm, happy people, incredible food and GREAT prices.  

Today was pretty normal as far as the past few days go.  We did some work in the morning and then went in to town to pick up the clothes we had made. After getting the final product we went back to our favorite lunch spot, Morning Glory for another wonderful meal.  After the meal we made our way home and took a nap to stay our of the oppressive heat.  After the nap Lea and I worked on math for a while and then we headed back into town to drop off the scooters, do a little more shopping and have our last meal.  

Peter has been braving the roads in Vietnam - and even braver, Stacie is his passenger!

One of the real magical things that happens in Hoi An is that the city lights up at night.  

The lanterns are everywhere and it turns the madness of the town into a charming pedestrian village exploding in color.  I took my camera and could have spent the entire time taking pictures, however, the kids were getting hungry after a while and we decided to head back to Lantern Town Restaurant for dinner.  

We had another wonderful meal and then headed back to the house to pack up for our early departure the next day.  We have an 8AM flight out of Da Nang and then two additional flights before we arrive in Krabi Thailand.  From there we take a taxi and ferry to get to Ko Lanta - so it is going to be a very long day.  

I am so happy we came to Vietnam and we are leaving with a much better understanding of the culture, people and the history of this wonderful country.  

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our stay in Hoi An.