April 24, 2015 - Travel day from Hoi An, Vietnam to Koh Lanta, Thailand - Day 253

Peter's POV

Today was a travel day which included a 4:00 wakeup to get to the airport before our 8:10 flight took off. When I was done packing up I walked out of my room and found my Dad and Fredric, the guy who checked us in talking. Fredric wanted the money that we owed him from some of the things that we bought from the house. My dad didn't have enough cash because he didn't know if Fredric was going to show up.  We had been trying to get a hold of him all week, but he never replied and my Dad did not want to leave a bunch of money laying around the house. 

In the end my Dad and Fredric drove to an ATM to get him his cash. At 5:15, our estimated departure time there was no car waiting to take us to the airport. Yesterday we had payed the place that we rented our scooters from to take us to the airport, but apparently they forgot. After about 5 minutes a guy walked up to our house and told us that he was our driver. We ended up walking 5 minutes down the small road that the house is on to get to the car. 

After a 30 minute car ride we got to the airport to find that our flight had been canceled. After seeing that the flight had been canceled we ran over to the desk where a clerk informed us that we were moved to a 9 o-clock flight. This really didn't bother us because it gave us a chance to get breakfast. After waiting for two hours we ran through security and boarded our flight for Hanoi.

When we got to Hanoi we had another two hour layover but it flew by because we had to get our bags, transfer them to the international terminal, re-check our bags and go back through security and immigration. When we finished all of that we had about 40 minutes before our flight took off. We decided to go get lunch at a Pho place. 

When we were all full we walked to our gate. We got there and decided to place a sticker (covertly) on a vent of some sort. After placing the sticker we headed off to Bangkok. 

When we got to Bangkok we were impressed by the size of the airport, it was massive. Following signs for a while we finally found our way to our gate. When we got there we had 15 minutes to spare so my parents ran to get us something to eat. 

When we landed in Krabi we waited for 15 minutes to get on a bus, ride for 1 minute around a corner and get off - pretty silly. We got our bags and headed through customs. When we got through customs we tried to find our driver and after a little while of looking around we found him. When we got in the car we were informed that the drive would take 2 and a half hours. Because our driver really wanted to get home he shaved 30-45 minutes off of the drive and the person that was checking us in was surprised to see us at the house so early.  We got inside and fell into bed exhausted after one of the longest travel days.