April 29th, 2015 - Koh Lanta, Thailand - Day 258

Now that we have made our decision to come home a little early and have made all of our travel changes related to the decision we can get back to the hard work of relaxing.  

This day was pretty standard for us.  A walk in the morning, staying out of the heat of the day and then some ocean time / pool time in the late afternoon followed by happy hour to watch the sunset and then some dinner.  We are reading a lot, working on our little projects. and taking some long naps.  Lea is cranking on school with the goal of finishing her year while we are still in Thailand.  

We have been so relaxed I did not even take any new pictures for the day, so here is one I took a couple days ago.

One thing we did do differently on this day was to actually try a different restaurant.  Having eaten at Miami for probably 80% of our meals since we arrived in Koh Lanta we figured it was time to branch out.  We had to walk an additional 100 yards to reach this restaurant, so we were really tired when we arrived.    The restaurant, Cook Kai, was not on the beach, it was across the road, which was not ideal, but the ambiance was very cool and we could tell immediately it was a family run affair.  Everyone was incredibly friendly and the food was fantastic.  It was a great evening and was really nice to find an alternative to our go to spot.