April 30th, 2015 - Koh Lanta, Thailand - Day 259

Peter's POV 

Today was another relaxed day on Koh Lanta. Around 7 o-clock my dad mom and I went for a swim on the beach and in the pool. After we retired to our rooms to escape the heat of the day. Around 11 we decided to go and get lunch at Cook Kai one of our favorite restaurants. Lea was busy working on school so we got her some food and brought it back to her. When we got back we went to escape the heat again. When we got out of our rooms it was four, we decided to go for another swim. When we got out we made dinner and watched Whiplash. I had already seen the movie on one of the planes that we took but my mom was seeing it for the first time. We returned back to our rooms after another day in Koh Lanta.