May 1st, 2015 - Day 260 - Koh Lanta, Thailand

Today I woke up to the thundering of waves on the beach. You might think that I should be used to the waves by now but these waves were bigger. Last night a storm was swept out to sea.  Apparently that storm threw some big waves at Koh Lanta because for a relatively calm beach the waves were pumping. My dad woke up at 1 o-clock for a board meeting that was supposed to end at 5 but at 6:30, when I finally dragged myself out of the bed I was surprised to hear my dad still on the phone. 

When his board meeting finally finished up we changed and headed down to the beach for some body surfing. My mom didn't really feel like getting wet so she grabbed the camera and took some pictures of us body surfing. 

Catching a tube

My dad decided we should play football too

When we decided that we had taken enough pummeling for one day we ran up to the pool to cool off. After we got out of the ocean I had a chance to Skype with Cam, one of my friends in Boise. After Lea got some breakfast from Miami we all retired to our rooms to get out of the heat.

Around four after making ramen for lunch we went for a swim and decided to go out for dinner. After getting ready quickly we decided to go to Miami so we could watch the sunset. We were glad that we did because it was the closest to the sunset that we got on the first night - here are some pictures: